New game available soon

Finally, we can announce that version 3.0 of the Commonspoly is already  (almost) in print!

After a few months of work, we can say now that we have a new design, which includes a new box and board, as well as profiles created specifically for the game, a total of 16!  So you can find Ada, Daphne, Omar, Martin, Chelsea, Maria, Jill, Toni … all of them represent models of sexual, racial or class diversity.



In addition, we have added new situations and global cards, inspired by the current political and economic context, but also by mainstream culture, with a humorous twist. These special cards can remove or add points of legitimacy or welfare … for example, you go to your best friend’s wedding and you bore the staff talking about commons, you can also spend the week catching up with Game of Thrones, or you can interfere in a mansplaining.

First of all feminism wins!


As we are very excited about the arrival of the new version (which will not be available until the first semester of  2018), we are going to launch a presale campaign of the game, in which you can buy the Commonspoly for less price.

We’re going to hack Monopoly. Who is in?


Write us if you want to know more, or fill the form


How to play

The Commonspoly has special philosophy about the game itself: no one wins or looses individually. The main goal of the game is to “commonalize” as much as goods as you can. And you can only do that in collaboration with other players.

At the beginning you have to set your character during the game (rolling the dice to define Gender, Social Class, Citizenship) and then you have 4 type of goods (Urban Goods,  Intangible-Goods, Body-Goods and Environmental Goods) and those can be Private, Public or Commons. Using the Situation Cards and special Boxes you have to deal with many challenges. And be aware…the police can also intervene!

The Rules and Regulations, as the rest of the game, has a licence which allows you to improve it and to rewrite it. Our goal is to have many communities playing the game at the same time and giving feedback about the rules. Hopefully it’s something that can be collectively improved.

Here you can have access to the last version of the Rules (Google Doc).

Write us if you have any doubt or suggestion.

Welcome to Commonspoly utopia!

Hi there!

Commonspoly is a free licensed board game to playfully reflext about the possibilities and limits of the commons as a critical discourse towards relevant changes in our societies.

.This board game is an ideal device to introduce the commons theories into groups in a pedagogical and ludic way. But also for rainy boring afternoons!

Commonspoly also is an attempt to repair a misunderstanding that has lasted for more than a century; back in 1904, Elizabeth Magie patented The Landlord’s Game, a board game to prevent about the dangerous effects of monopolism. Years after that, she sold the patent to Parker Brothers, company which turned the game into the Monopoly we know nowadays: a board game that celebrates the huge economic accumulation and the bankruptcy of anyone… but yourself.

Commonspoly turns upside down the basic features of the traditional game to imagine a possible world based on cooperation instead of competition. But, how is it possible to play a board game in which the players have to find ways to work together? Well, the poles are melting, the cycles of the financial crises are shortening, the global unemployment rates are skyrocketing and we all have that hard to explain crepuscular feeling… In this game, we are running against time! And every player’s help will be more than welcomed.

Anyway, it is not all bad news: we have some powerful community-based tools to struggle against apocalypse. Let’s get down to business, we have urban and rural, environmental and knowledge common goods to preserve!