How to play

The Commonspoly has special philosophy about the game itself: no one wins or looses individually. The main goal of the game is to “commonalize” as much as goods as you can. And you can only do that in collaboration with other players.

At the beginning you have to set your character during the game (rolling the dice to define Gender, Social Class, Citizenship) and then you have 4 type of goods (Urban Goods,  Intangible-Goods, Body-Goods and Environmental Goods) and those can be Private, Public or Commons. Using the Situation Cards and special Boxes you have to deal with many challenges. And be aware…the police can also intervene!

The Rules and Regulations, as the rest of the game, has a licence which allows you to improve it and to rewrite it. Our goal is to have many communities playing the game at the same time and giving feedback about the rules. Hopefully it’s something that can be collectively improved.

Here you can have access to the last version of the Rules (Google Doc).

Write us if you have any doubt or suggestion.

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