Welcome to the documentation section of the Commonspoly website!

Here you can download many of the elements of the game. Please, be aware that we are a very small team and that we are receiving help to translate the game into different languages. Write us to hello@commonspoly.cc if you have any suggestion or if you want to be in touch with these communities who are translating the game.

Game Master’s Guide

This is the most important document you need in order to play. Rules and roles are explained here!


You have 16 players available in this game. You have to randomly choose between them!

Designed version (to print)

Document in raw (to translate)


There are two type of Cards: Glocal Cards and Situation Cards. The cards affect the player points!

Designed version (to print)

Document in raw (to translate)


The board has 57 spaces. There are 4 type of goods: urban, enviromental, intangible and health related. Also there are other spaces.

Designed version (to print)

Document in raw (to translate)

Game’s sheet

This is a document for the Master of the Game. Use it for defining the Game’s Mode and for counting the different rounds.

Designed version (to print)

Points and Tokens

You can print here the Players’ tokens, and the Welfare and Legitimacy Points.

Designed version (to print)

Beginners mode

You can use the same board to play a Beginners version of the game.

Document in raw (to print and to translate)


Learn more about the licence of the game.


Download other relevant materials produced by us or by the Commonspoly community.