Commonspoly is a non profit, open source board game that encourages a culture of cooperation and questions the violent model of neoliberal privatisation.

We need each other, let’s cooperate!

Financial crises are occurring with ever-increasing frequency, and global unemployment is rising sharply. The climate crisis is already frighteningly urgent, while pandemics threaten the total collapse of society. In this game, as in reality, you’re in a race against time and need all the help you can get to bring about change.

Commonspoly emerged in 2015 as a way to hack and subvert the contemporary version of Monopoly. Just like in the original, each space on the board provides goods or other resources, but in Commonspoly these goods can be Private, Public or Commons, and the challenge, rather than competing to accumulate goods, is to create a society in which working together furthers the common good.

Collective joy

Commonspoly celebrates what Adrienne Rich called radical happiness: those moments of collective joy that bloom when a group of people share a common understanding of what it means to actively and truly participate in society. We can find radical happiness in an assembly, at a protest or at a party. It takes on many forms, but there is always a common thread: it encourages us to come together and work as a group rather than as isolated individuals. Commonspoly takes a didactic approach — it feeds the desire to cooperate without introducing the complexities that often arise in reality. This allows for free experimentation, discovery and learning around questions that arise in real life.

Buy the Green Edition now!

Over the past years, the game has undergone many changes and resulted in a total of 4 editions. At the beginning of 2020, development began on this new and improved version 4.0, known as the Commonspoly Green Edition.

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