The main goal of Commonspoly

There is an ongoing battle. The Speculator(s) are organised and committed to privatising every resource available in society: environmental, urban, health and intangible (knowledge based) goods. You must cooperate with other players to prevent privatisation and liberate as many goods as possible. Your goal is to turn them into public goods or, even better, common ones. Work together as a team to fight this dystopia!

How to win

You have 20 rounds to use your Welfare and Legitimacy Points for the common good. This is a race against time and you win by turning all goods into common holdings. If there is a mix of public and common goods, it’s a draw. You know what that means, if there is even one private good remaining you lose (and The Speculator(s) win). Work together to fight the privatisation!


The game combines some elements from role-play games and some from other traditional board-games. As in the role-play games someone needs to be in charge of the facilitation and this person is called Game Master. There is a document which explains in detail all the rules and dynamics of the game. It can be downloaded in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Normally, the Master also plays the evil role: The Speculator(s). The rest of the players must randomly pick from the 8 characters you will find in your Commonspoly box.

Buy the Green Edition now!

Over the past years, the game has undergone many changes and resulted in a total of 4 editions. At the beginning of 2020, development began on this new and improved version 4.0, known as the Commonspoly Green Edition.

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