This is not just a happy-flower game

Some people tend to think that because we were born in opposition to the Monopoly , this is just a game in which we are going to happily celebrate cooperation, common way of living an flowers. Well, this is NOT THE CASE.

Commonspoly is a board-game in which you have to cooperate in order to prevent a society in which every good has been privatized. There is a collective struggle in which you have to help each other in order to undo privatize these goods. And someone is trying to ruin your plans: The Speculators.

The Speculators are a concrete role who has to be performed by someone…unscrupulously muuahahaha. The rest of the players need to carefully avoid them in the board. Otherwise and if they catch you, they can hurt you! So watch out and…no, Commonspoly is not just a happy-flower game.