Portuguese and French 3.1 version of the Game’s Master Guide

Hello world!

There are two communities who have been working to make this happen. We want to really thank them for this: there are two new translated version of the Game’s Master Guide:


So, right now we finally have the Game’s Master Guide in four languages (+ Game Master’s Guide 3.1 -English- and Guía del Máster del Juego 3.1. -Español-).

Remember that you can check all changes we have introduced compared to version 3.0 (this is the printed one you have when you buy the game).

You can also check this and other stuff the documentation section of the website. Also we have the Beginner’s mode. Please, remember that you can contribute by translating the content on Zanata (a community you need to log in in order to help and translate).

We are a small team and we do our best to offer the best version of the Commonspoly. Right now we are not sure if we will be having a 4.0 edition, but in the meantime, what we can certainly do is to improve what we have. And this has been possible thank to the small too but amazing community around the Commonspoly.

Long life to the Commons!


  • Jean-Pierre Fiévez


    Very good work that you’ve done. Just an observation: the shipping cost is too high. I live in France and it costs me around 67 euros!
    Haven’t you find any reseller?
    Where is it sold in Spain?

    25 October, 2019