Version 3.1 of the Game’s Master Guide is ready

Hello world!

As you may know, the Commonspoly is a board game which fosters cooperation and a fairer and inclusive world in which we help each other to fight against the savage capitalism. It wouldn’t be coherent to use that just as a claim of the game but to not accept many of the help which is offered to us almost everyday.

We are a small team and we do our best to offer the best version of the Commonspoly. Right now we are not sure if we will be having a 4.0 edition, but in the meantime, what we can certainly do is to improve what we have.

So, having into account your suggestions and the feedback we got from some workshops and events, we are releasing today (both in spanish and english) the version 3.1. of the Game’s Master Guide, which is the document in which you can actually read all the rules of the game. You can also check in the documentation section of the website the Beginner’s mode and some other stuff. Please, remember that you can contribute by translating the content on Zanata (a community you need to log in in order to help and translate).

How, these are the relevant changes of the 3.1. version!

  • Once you enter a space, you only receive Welfare and Legitimacy Points if:
    • You don’t perform any action to unlock the good (this is, transform it from Private to Public or from Public to Commons)
    • You arrive at a Public (1 Welfare, 1 Legitimacy points) or Commons¬†(2 Welfare, 2 Legitimacy points)
    • In the previous version you always got +1 Legitimacy Point by performing an action. Now, you don’t.
  • We have corrected a mistake regarding how to free the players if the Speculators send you to the detention centre. It didn’t tell the same in the Quick Guideline as in the Detailed one.
  • Now if you have to go to the Tragedy of the Commons space, you don’t downgrade 3 goods. You are forced to make them Private, no matter they are Public or Commons.
  • We have clarified that when you enter the Crowdfunding space, every Welfare Point you give away to another player, the Master should give you the double in Legitimacy points.
  • If you arrive at the Mortgage you lose now 4 Welfare points.
  • We have clarified that unless you want to perform the Collective Uprising Action, you cannot cross the Central Agora.

We are working on release other changes, but these are the new important ones. We hope you enjoy it and please, write us if you have any suggestion to

See you soon commoners!